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E! News Lists Wild Shot in Celebrity Drinks That May Be Perfect for Your Next Meal

Feeling Hungry? 17 Celebrity Food and Drink Products That May Be Perfect for Your Next Meal

by MIKE VULPO | Mon, Nov 14, 2016 6:00 AM

Pull out the wine glasses and empty plates. It's time to enjoy the sweet tastes of Hollywood products.

While some celebrities choose to focus solely on their craft of singing, acting or being themselves on reality TV, others take on the title of businessperson with a few side projects.

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National Margarita Day

February 22, 2016 By Sammy Hagar

Toby and I got to drinking some Smoky Margaritas in honor of Monday's National Margarita Day before we jammed for over an hour at the Cabo Wabo Cantina this weekend.

The recipe is really simple, it's just a half shot of Toby's Wild Shot Mezcal with a half shot of Cabo Wabo tequila and the rest filled with your regular margarita mix. Then, rim the class with salt, chilis, & dried Agave worm powder... YUM!! It can be a bit spicy, so watch yourself on this one (PS it works great on Bloody Mary's also).

Toby Keith's Wild Shot Mezcal Creates Flaming Cocktail In Spirit Of Hit Song "Beautiful Stranger"

While listening to Toby Keith's latest album, 35mph Town, Wild Shot Mezcal's creative team thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to create a drink around this album?". The lyrics to "Beautiful Stranger" were most inspiring.

"Beautiful stranger in the candlelight

God must have told you

That I needed this tonight"

From Mezcal to Music, Toby Keith Keeps Expanding his Empire

by Reuters

Country music artist Toby Keith does not just want his fans to listen to his music. He wants them to drive his truck, drink his mezcal liquor, eat his food and bet on his race horses.

With estimated earnings of $53 million over the past year, Keith has built an unlikely empire through investments and endorsements in music labels, Wild Shot mezcal, race horses, Ford trucks and a southern food restaurant chain.

Wild Shot Goes Green For St. Patrick's Day

It’s the time of year again to go GREEN!  Don’t worry, Wild Shot Mezcal has you covered with our Swamp Water - perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day fun.  Find the recipe here.

Wild Shot will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so be sure to follow us as we are giving away some swag. Tag Wild Shot using #WildShotSwampWater in your St. Patrick’s Day fun; one random winner on each social platform will get a prize.

Wild Shot Makes An Appearance in Toby Keith’s “Drunk Americans”

The music video for Toby Keith's latest hit "Drunk Americans" has more Wild Shot inclusions than any music video to date.  "Drunk Americans" lyrics breakdown the barriers and call us to have a drink together.  The animated video brings everyone together from the current President to Michael Jackson.  

Watch the full video here.



Wet and Wild - Country Weekly Featured Article

Wild Shot was featured in the September 15th edition of Country Weekly  in a full, two page spread on new recipes found in select Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill locations. The article mentioned both Wild Shot Silver and Wild Shot Reposado as well as the Mexican tradition involving the worm! See the full article below:





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