Toby Keith and Wild Shot Mezcal Have Recipes For Some Holiday Fun

December 15, 2016

Mary Kay

This news could be warm, inviting and make a lot of money for Lyft or Uber. It’s the season for family, friends and festive cocktails and Toby Keith has the recipes for a perfect blend of fun. Wild Shot Mezcal offers two cocktail recipes tailored for Christmas and New Year’s – the new Wild Shot Baked Apple and the classic Wild Shot’s Red Solo Cup.

Holiday Recipes

Wet and Wild - Country Weekly Featured Article

Wild Shot was featured in the September 15th edition of Country Weekly  in a full, two page spread on new recipes found in select Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill locations. The article mentioned both Wild Shot Silver and Wild Shot Reposado as well as the Mexican tradition involving the worm! See the full article below:




Springtime with Wild Shot



Spring has officially sprung Wild Shot fans! With beautiful weather ahead, there are all kinds of reasons to celebrate: The Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and more! Wild Shot has the perfect drink ideas for all of your Spring fever needs.  As the season warms up, cool down with some of these Springtime Wild Shot recipes:


Thanksgiving with Wild Shot

Well, everyone.... Thanksgiving is almost here. You know what that means -- It's time to stuff our faces with the  most delicious food possible. Speaking of "stuff," are you looking for a great stuffing recipe? Toby Keith's daughter, Krystal Keith has posted an old family recipe. In fact, it is Toby's mother's recipe! Pretty cool, right? Check it out here: ! 

Image of Hope On the Rocks

FORE! Wild Shot Mezcal at the Music Row Ladies Golf Tournament

Wild Shot was on the greens this month participating in the 27th Annual Music Row Ladies Golf Tournament for the second year in a row.

The Wild Shot booth was equipped with Blue Mezcalitas and Wild Shot pops (get the recipe on our recipe page), stickers and a life size Toby Keith cut out. 

Mezcal Steps Up: Meet Tequila's Agave Kin

Mezcal’s unique smoky character and ancient background is proving to be a quality component in the spirit world today. Bars and restaurants are catching on to original and tasty mezcal cocktails that are sure to satisfy. Toby Keith’s Wild Shot is proving to be legendary in itself; drawing in new mezcal drinkers and introducing the spirit to all of his restaurants.  Read more about mezcal and the Wild Shot story right here

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