Mezcal On The Rise

The Spirits Business magazine recently reported on the growing trend of the mezcal category.  As consumers become increasingly aware of the differences between tequila and mezcal, and discover what mezcal has to offer, restauarants and bars are taking note and adding more mezcal options to their menus.  Ocho Tequila's co-founder, Jesse Estes, has spotted a cocktail menu trend of mezcal replacing vodka, rum, and whiskey in many classic cocktails. 

Made 100% from the green agave, Wild Shot mezcal has a distinct smooth smoky flavor which is appropriate for sipping and makes the taste buds dance.  And at 86.8 proof, rest assured, Wild Shot is the purest of the pure in the mezcal category.

Estes says, "All eyes will also be on the mezcal this year."  Read the full article here

Stay one step ahead of the trend and mix up one of these recipes at your next party,

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