Mezcal is one of the most unique liquors out there. Although it has been made since the 16th century in Mexico, it is just now starting to become popular in the US. So if you’re new to Wild Shot, you may be thinking, “that is a cool looking bottle, and I really like Toby Keith. I should try it! But wait, how are you supposed to drink mezcal?” Well your friends over...


Some of you might be wondering where the infamous mezcal worm comes into the picture. Many of you are also wondering if you're supposed to eat the worm in mezcal. There are many myths associated with tequila's older cousin, but we're ready to burn the worm myth and give you some clarity when it comes to the bottom of the bottle. 

"El Gusano"

The use of the worm, or in Spanish "el...



Toby Keith is the "Top Earning Country Music Act" according to FORBES magazine.

The cover story interview highlights Toby Keith's diversied portifolio and the "incredible synergy with his other brand extensions, namely Wild...


Here are a few reasons why you should put your vodka and whiskey away and start getting friendly with your mezcal. 

Mezcal is perhaps the closest connection to the Old World in a spirit. The recipe has been around since the Spanish came with their smallpox and rifles and, best of all, distillation. For the indigenous Nahuatl people of Mexico, mezcal was...


Toby Keith's Hammer Down Tour is synonmous with a crazy summer-long party. This summer, Wild Shot is bringing the inflatable bar back on the road wherever Toby goes and that means pure and simple: it's time to Hammer Down. 

Now, you might be asking, "How do I 'Hammer Down'?". Don't worry, Wild Shot has got you covered. 

Prepare to Hammer Down with all of Wild Shot's easy to make...


Kick off your Cinco de Mayo celebration this year by pairing Wild Shot mezcal with a three course meal.

Mezcal is meant to be sipped slowly and paired with the right foods to enhance the mezcal experience and to wake up all the senses. There is only one thing better than this... sharing the experience with your family and friends.

Start your Cinco de Mayo with Wild Shot's lighter...



For the first time in history, Toby Keith and Wild Shot mezcal are offering 15% off ALL Wild Shot merchandise! There is no better time to start gearing up for Cinco de Mayo (and we'd like to mention Toby Keith's Hammer Down Tour is...


Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with us! Below is an excerpt of Wild Shot in Country Weekly Magazine and Toby's signature green drink, Swamp Water. 

Wild Shot is going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day all week on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest highlighting different holiday inspired food and drink recipes as well as all of the fun ways you can get festive. We don't really need a...



It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, but St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and Wild Shot Mezcal is ready to celebrate!  

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to explore different cocktails and party ideas, which is why Wild Shot will share plenty of St. Patrick’s Day inspired food and cocktail recipes on Facebook and Pinterest all week! But your...


Congratulations to Wild Shot Silver for Taking Home The Gold !

The Fifty Best, an unbiased guide for gourmet food and drink pairing, recently held its Mezcal Tasting for 2013 in New York City. Wild Shot Silver was awarded a Gold medal. The complete results are published on, and can be seen here:  ...


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